Our Up’n’Down tour with MotoTrip

Tour with MotoTrip
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Photo by Jarno Elo


Hi guys! We got this beautiful text from our past guests, Tiina & Jarno and we’re really happy to share this on our blog! T&J, hope to see you again soon!


(Written by Tiina Kontra)

In the early morning of 2nd July, my husband…

Squeezing the best out of your camera

MotoTrip, Motorcycle tours in Europe-1
                                                                                  MotoTrip’s guest taking a picture of stunning Dubrovnik city. Taken by Darko Novosel

Hi there!

Anyone who joined us for a motorcycle tour in Europe, knows about my passion for photography. I almost always carry a camera strapped around my neck and am very happy…

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