Guided motorcycle tours in Europe 2018

2 off-road and 6 paved tours

Paved (asphalt) tours:

April 22 – May 7 Corsica, Sardinia and Tuscany 16 Italy, France
June 5 – 20 No Borders Tour 15 Balkans: CRO, BiH, ME
June 7 - 17 Sunset Tour 11 Croatia
July 8 – 22 AlpsTastic Tour 15 DE, AUS, IT, CH, FR
September 4 - 14 Sunset Tour 11 Croatia
October 15 – 28 Fall in Greece tour 14 Greece

Off the radar (dual-sport adventure) tours:

Upon agreement Albania vs Montenegro off-road adventure 12 Montenegro, Albania
Upon agreement Secrets of magical Croatia 12 Croatia

Below, you will find all guided motorcycle tours in Europe we offer. Experienced guides, carefully planned routes and a support vehicle for your luggage (allowing you to ride luggage-free) will make you feel like a local, on a ride with a group of friends. Restaurants we choose serve best traditional food, while beautiful, often luxury hotels give that final punch to the whole guided tour experience, organized at a professional level. As we prefer riding in small groups, we limit the maximum number of motorcycles to eight per tour (upon agreement for private tours). That allows for safer, more fluent and overall much more enjoyable riding.

Whether it's our homeland Croatia or Balkans, Alps and Dolomites, Tuscany, Sardinia or Corsica, whether it's on-road or off-road, be sure you will ride with an experienced team, devoted and excited about every tour they do - trying to make each of them a bit different, special and unique. That's us!

To book your spot on a guided tour, let us know as soon as you start thinking of joining - sometimes all spots get booked very early. That way, we'll keep you up to date about availability and remaining spots. For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact.