10 reasons for choosing Adriatic region as your next motorcycle tour destination

You’ll find a lot of information about the Adriatic region on this blog- as we are all motorcycle riders, we give a lot of attention to the riding possibilities in the area. We wrote and still write extensively about weather, natural and cultural spots, roads etc. So now, let’s summarize all we are writing about into one post and try to briefly explain why should you choose and arrive to Croatia (or around) as your next motorcycle tour in Europe.


Number 1- roads

This is always what matters a lot, or even the most while choosing your next motorcycle tour (that runs on asphalt). None of us likes riding those long, flat roads that just get you to the destination (and make you think that riding a car was better choice). Not to mention the highways.

Starting from the north to south of Adriatic region- you can do some high altitudes Alpine riding in Slovenia, superb twisty coastal riding in Croatia and roll your wheels to stunning, unspoiled inland Montenegro. There is also beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina, that technically doesn’t belong to the Adriatic region, but allows for a great circle tour as it is settled just in between. So if choosing the Adriatic’s, be sure your riding desires will definitely be fulfilled.


Motorcycle tour in Europe


Number 2- diversity

Let’s get picky. Imagine your motorcycle tour is a 2.000 miles long, coastal twisty road in a low territory. Wow! Sounds like a dream, 10 days of coastal riding. After the third day along the same scenery, you might just think- ”man, I really wish there is a mountain pass in front of us….”. Don’t be afraid, you’re not spoilt- that’s normal. When riding a motorcycle, you want to combine a little bit of everything- fast open roads, Alpine curves, sea-refreshing coastal riding, technical narrow roads with home hairpins ahead… That’s the way we see it, and that’s exactly what the Adriatic region offers.


Number 3- weather

When searching for new riding destinations, climate becomes a strong point of our ‘pros&cons’ list. As mentioned in our ‘Climate in Croatia‘ post, Croatia (and the region) enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate throughout the coastal parts, offering beautiful weather for motorcycling, all the way from April to October. Inland parts of Slovenia and Montenegro are usually cooler at the early start/late end of the season- so if choosing to ride ‘the whole package’, plan your vacation from May till September.


Number 4- Adriatic sea

Inland riding can really bring a lot of fun- and we know it. But, what the Adriatic sea offers, is having the possibility to:

  • do some coastal riding with just the perfect sense of sea in the air,
  • try local seafood cuisine,
  • take a quick swim when you feel like it,
  • do a boat/speedboat trip on your rest day,
  • relax on a nice beach for few hours,
  • even do some fishing for example.

The possibility of having various choices really has a strong point when deciding on a new motorcycle tour in Europe and the destination. The Adriatic’s does the job great!


Crystal clear Adriatic sea


Number 5- nature

Having a short break with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains, zipping your cup of coffee while listening to the sound of waves, taking a picture of yourself with a high waterfall in the background.. Should we continue? Beautiful nature and landscape will enrich every motorcycle tour and after all, isn’t nice nature one of the main reasons why we all travel?



Number 6- culture

Having just read that nature is one of the main reasons why we travel, culture is a perfect add-on and for some of us, even a bigger plus on the list. Ancient heritage, intangible cultural heritage, UNESCO sites, museums, music and tradition are just some of the things to mention.



Number 7- history

While most of you are familiar with ex-Yugoslavia, history around the Adriatic region dates all the way from old Greeks, with many of today’s cities being built at that time. Various rulers, wars, wins and looses on the territory, had a huge impact on what we have today.

Amphitheatre in Pula, Croatia


Number 8- gastronomy

Ahh….the food. Combination of Mediterranean cuisine (additionally flavored by local herbs) and continental meat-based dishes, really speaks for itself. Starting from seafood to venison, pork, lamb and veal up to sophisticated vegan food, makes the region very desirable to all you gourmands.


Croatian food


Number 9- islands

More than thousand islands of well-indented Adriatic coast, is definitely one of top reasons for riding in the area. Hopping from one island to another, exploring hidden beaches and different connection possibilities, can turn your motorcycle trip into an interesting adventure. Each island is different on its very special way, so just imagine spending your holiday on a motorcycle, roaming from one island to another and connecting ferries even as you go. Not to forget, traffic on islands is by rule much lighter than mainland’s and you can find piece even in the high season on certain ones.


Last, but not the least when choosing a motorcycle tour in Europe- Number 10- adventure

Talking about adventures, there are so many to choose. From zip-lines, adventure parks, horseback riding and speedboat rides, to white water rafting, parachuting, hang-gliding, off-road quad adventures, diving, kayaking, bungee jumping, diving and many, many more. So feel free to pick one and have the time of your life!



Well, hope you got the picture. This small part of Europe can really turn your motorcycle tour into an unforgettable experience. With mountains, lakes, sea and waterfalls in one hand; and culture, history, gastronomy and fabulous roads in another, you just cannot miss!

If choosing the Adriatic region, be sure to check some of MotoTrip’s guided motorcycle tours like ‘Sunset Tour’ or a longer one, ‘No Borders Tour’! And if you’re in for more adventure and even off-road, be sure to check our dual-sport ‘Secrets of magical Croatia‘ tour!

Wherever you decide to spend your vacation, we wish you great time! Cheers!

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