Motorcycle roads in Greece- showing our Amazing Greece tour

Motorcycle tour in Greece

Motorcycle roads in Greece– showing our Amazing Greece tour

Once in a while, we’re lucky to organise this amazing tour, simply called ‘Amazing Greece’. It’s a tour of full contrast. From crazy busy Athens where, the moment you enter the centre, you keep trying to figure out how on Earth are we going to ride out through that traffic (don’t worry, we know!), to quiet mountain roads of beautiful Pindus and Tzoumerka National Parks. From surreal beaches to UNESCO sites. All in one country. All in one tour. And that’s why we love it.

Let’s see the story of how it went the last time. Our ride started in Athens; capital of Greece with the biggest international airport in the country. Including arrival and departure days, we had 15 days to spend. Itinerary was set, hotels booked and bikes ready, so it was about time to start rolling. Motorcycle roads in Greece here we come.

Mountain pass in Peloponnese

Motorcycle roads in Greece- Peloponnese

First riding day we reached famous Delphi sanctuary and had a walk around the site. The ride itself was good, but the best was yet to come. Being a few thousands year old sanctuary, Delphi is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site; and in our opinion, definitely worth a stop.

The Athenian Treasury, Delphi

MotoTrip- Greece tour 2018 (small) 33

Temple of Apollo, Delphi

Delphi- Motorcycle roads in Greece

We used next two days to reach Meteora, which would normally be a few hours ride from Delphi. The key is in motorcycling roads here; and we definitely recommend those around Karpenissi if you’re looking for curves, low traffic and views. We scouted ‘em many years back, and they are still among our favorites in Greece. Two particular ones are: road going  north up from Karpenissi, and second one is road on the west side of beautiful Lake Plastiras. When looking for great motorcycle roads in Greece, be sure to check those two out.

Beautiful motorcycle roads in Greece

MotoTrip- Motorcycle roads in Greece

No traffic up here…

MotoTrip- Motorcycle roads in Greece

Road leaving Karpenissi

MotoTrip- Motorcycle roads in Greece

MotoTrip- Greece tour

Beautiful spots along the tour

MotoTrip- Greece tour

Meteora was another UNESCO site on the tour; again very much worth visiting. We’re talking about sandstone formations, naturally created millions years ago. Beginning in 9th century AD, monks started climbing on tops, inhabiting and later on, establishing monasteries to both protect themselves and be closer to God.

Sunset in Meteora, Greece

MotoTrip- Greece tour

One of 6 monasteries in Meteora

MotoTrip- Greece tour- Meteora

It was time for Zagoria villages and Pindus National Park. Curves are endless, traffic again low and views spectacular. There are 46 traditional villages in Zagoria, with many bridges and old connecting paths in between. We stayed in one of those villages for two nights. 2nd day was a rest day; and it’s easy to spend that one roaming around. We did just that. Hiking, biking and relaxing.

Bridges in Zagoria region

MotoTrip- Greece tour 2018 (resized)167

Pindus National Park

MotoTrip- Greece tour

Beautiful Vikos Gorge

MotoTrip- Greece tour - Zagorohoria

View to Megalo Papingo, one of 46 traditional villages in Zagoria

MotoTrip- Greece- Zagorohoria

Standing on the edge at Vikos Gorge. Watch your step! Next time we bring a motorcycle here :)

MotoTrip- Greece- Zagorohoria

Motorcycle-roads- Greece- Zagorohoria

For the ride from Zagorohoria towards Lefkada, our next destination, we have two options. Along the coast, or through the mountains. If weather is good, we recommend the one through the mountains. If it’s too cold or raining through the mountains, then take the one along the coast. Talking about the mountains, we think of Tzoumerka- another National Park on the tour; in our opinion- region that cannot be missed when talking about motorcycle roads in Greece.

MotoTrip- Greece- Zagorohoria


Tzoumerka National Park



Island of Lefkada. Easy to reach as it is connected to the mainland by a bridge (no need for ferries and schedules). Without a lot of hassle, it will show you some of the best seaside views Greece has to offer. Most famous beach (accessible also by bike) in Porto Katsiki. No matter if you ride or take a boat to it, it’s equally stunning and worth stopping.

Porto Katsiki @ Lefkada

MotoTrip- Greece Porto Katsiki

Enjoying a rest day @ Lefkada

MotoTrip- Lefkada

From Lefkada, across Rio–Antirrio bridge to Peloponnese- peninsula in the south of Greece. We passed through Kalavryta and Sparta, saw famous UNESCO site of Mystras and ended up in Mani region in the south of Peloponnese. We switched from meat to fish, and took down a few layers too. On our way to Monemvasia, our last overnight before returning to Athens, we rode through some beautiful, quiet seaside towns. It’s all positively lazy, peaceful and calm outside the main tourist season. Simply perfect time to enjoy the serenity.

Mystras, UNESCO site in Peloponnese

MotoTrip- Mystras motorcycle roads

Gerolimenas, Mani

Greece motorcycle roads- Mani peninsula

MotoTrip- coffee stop

Limeni, Mani peninsula

MotoTrip- Motorcycle roads in Greece

Diros Cave, Peloponnese

Diros Cave- Greece

Just another day in Greece…

Gorgeous seaside in Greece

Vathia village and our group

MotoTrip- our group in Mani peninsula

Riding around Mani, Peloponnese

Mani- motorcycle roads in Greece

Rest day in Monemvasia is a great choice. Allows for a visit to the town centre, optional walk to the top and in the afternoon, a ride to close-by Elafonisos island to check out pretty much the most famous beach in Greece- Simos beach.

MotoTrip- Greece Monemvasia

Sunset in Monemvasia

MotoTrip- Monemvasia Greece

Monemvasia with a drone.. shows you the perspective there

MotoTrip- Monemvasia with a drone

Ferry to Elafonisos, close to Pavlopetri sunk village. Sea is as clear as it gets.

MotoTrip- ferry in Greece

Simos beach. Famous for a reason. Beautiful motorcycle ride to get to here; and no crowds in October.

MotoTrip- beautiful Simos beach

On the last riding day, we had two more important stops. First one was Epidaurus/Epidavros- ancient city with famous acoustics at Epidavros Theatre.Second stop was a quick (selfie) photo at Corinth canal / Isthmus of Corinth- leaving Peloponnese.

Epidaurus theatre

MotoTrip- Epidavros - Epidaurus

Coffee stop along the way

MotoTrip- coffee break Greece

Corinth canal; on the way back to Athens

MotoTrip- Corinth canal


And just like that, the tour finished in Athens. We’ve seen some beautiful scenery, rode scenic roads, tried all traditional food and even got a few receipts. Learnt more about the history and swam at some really cool beaches. Would we recommend Greece? Absolutely; and we can’t wait to go back. It’s Amazing Greece!

If you’d like to join us, check out the available dates at our website here. Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have; we’re happy to hear from you!

Ride safe.


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