Política de privacidad

Privacy policy

This document outlines how Mototrip d.o.o., Antuna Mihanovića 14, 10450 Jastrebarsko, (hereinafter: Mototrip d.o.o.) processes personal data.

The privacy policy is applied to all personal user data which we collect and process. Contact details obtained on our site won’t be published nor shall they be used for whatever purpose other than replying to your queries!

You are freely sharing your personal data for the above mentioned purpose, which action you confirm by providing us with a clear and unambiguous consent. The data in question are needed in order to meet the purpose for which they are being collected and they won’t be used for any purpose without first obtaining your explicit consent. Having that in mind, should you not want to share your personal data with us, Mototrip d.o.o. won’t be able to act upon your query.

We would like to inform you that you can withdraw your consent to having your data processed at any given moment, without bearing any consequences, and your query shall be dealt within the shortest period of time. After the withdrawal of your consent, your personal data won’t be processed any longer and they will be erased or safely destroyed in accordance with the internal act of Mototrip d.o.o..

Your personal data won’t be passed on to third parties outside of Mototrip d.o.o.. In case of your making your personal data available to be used by third parties,  Mototrip d.o.o. shall first inform you of it, in line with the regulation in force on the protection of personal data.

Your personal data won’t be passed on to third countries or international organisations. 

Mototrip d.o.o. shall process your personal data in line with the outlined purpose for as long as this is necessary in order to meet the purpose for which they are being collected in the first place. The length of time for which your data shall be processed is determined by an internal act, which outlines the processing and storage of such data.

In case of questions and in order to obtain more information on exercising your rights relating to the protection of your personal data, please write an email to info@mototrip-tours.com

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How do we use cookies?
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Personal data
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