Secrets of Magical Croatia - off-road motorcycle tour in Croatia

Adventure Croatia on a BMW motorcycle

12 days / 10 riding days

Secrets of Magical Croatia - off-road motorcycle tour in Croatia

Explore the secrets of magical Croatia on/off-road! This dual-sport motorcycle tour is truly a magical mix of superb destinations, phenomenal food and tons of adventure within this small country.

This tour is different. Who's it for and what's it about?

You like riding, but aren't a big fan of cities/tours that daily take you from one city to another? You prefer exploring nature over sightseeing? Gravel puts a smile on your face? And, you like to spice it up with activities like rafting, paragliding, scuba-diving etc.? You're at the right place!

This is a unique one way (Zagreb-Dubrovnik) road/off-road adventure tour in Europe, Croatia! What that means, is that approx. 50% of the riding time (in hours), we ride on gravel and dirt roads. Other half, we'll ride on paved, but carefully chosen backroads that will keep us away from tourists, trucks, cars and other 4+ wheeled road 'bugs'. Adventure part stands for activities we included in the package and will help you see, feel and experience even more!

Bikes? Big enduro ones. We use BMW GSs- 700s, 800s and 1200s. While perfectly combining daily doses of gravel with asphalt, you'll get to know what does the 'GS' part stand for- so we also call this tour 'a true GS tour'!

Experience? All sounds perfect, but you don't have any off-road experience (or would like to improve your skills)? As long as you are a capable and experienced road rider, you're good to go. Every off-road ride consists of talks, tips&tricks on how to improve the riding and bike handling, and so does this one. As your guide is a certified BMW Tourguide, he is trained to help and explain all about it.

Passengers? This tour is ideal for riding solo (better bike handling=more fun), but it can be done riding two up too. We always have few spots in the support vehicle; so your passenger can skip certain rides if she/he wants to.

There are no standard 'rest days' so be sure that, at the end, you'll most likely feel more tired then when we started. But, your mind will clear, your batteries will be re-charged and most likely by the end, we'll already be talking about our next adventure!

Final destinations are not shown and in some locations may subject to change. Below, you will see them only as counties. We slightly change the tour every year depending on how we feel and upon local changes. And that is the real charm- not only you will discover raw Croatia, you will get to know it through how we feel it.

For questions about preparation, riding equipment, required riding skills, level of difficulty etc., please feel free to contact us.

Tour prices

PRICES IN EUR for 2024 season
Motorcycle Accommodation Rider Passenger Own bike Single room supplement
BMW F 750 GS  Double room / sharing 7590 4290 6190 800
BMW F 850 GS  Double room / sharing 7790 4290 6190 800
BMW R 1250 GS           Double room / sharing 7990 4290 6190 800

The pricing is based on two people sharing a room.
Double room/sharing: two riders share one twin (2-bed) room OR a couple uses one (queen-size bed) room.
Single room supplement: rider is one person in a room / not sharing.

Tour inquiry

Day by day

Arrival day

1. Arrival day

Your guide will welcome you at the airport in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Depending on the arrival time, you can do some sightseeing or go straight to the hotel. As your bikes will be waiting for you at the hotel parking, we assume you won't resist doing a test ride, so we'll organize a nice little first ride, just to get friendly with the bikes. In the evening we will enjoy the traditional welcome dinner and we can discuss about the routes, bikes, itinerary etc.

Zagreb – Plitvice Lakes

2. Zagreb – Plitvice Lakes

For our first riding day, we choose an easy ride to make friends with the bike, traffic rules and road types. Till early afternoon, we’ll be riding towards the most famous national park in Croatia- Plitvice Lakes; so the afternoon we’ll spend in walking around and exploring. Surrounded by beautiful lakes, water cascades, and waterfalls, we’ll be exchanging riding experience and getting to know each other- the sooner we start riding like a group of friends, the better the riding will be.

Plitvice Lakes- Istria

3. Plitvice Lakes- Istria

’Rock&roll’ really begins here. After breakfast, we’ll combine hidden backroads and gravel paths that lead us to breathtaking scenes of raw Velebit mountain against the Adriatic sea with its islands; elevation climbing up to 1594 m (5.230ft) above sea level. For those wanting more, a short walk will take you even higher! There’s much more to do and see today, so we’ll continue towards the Istria peninsula (biggest Croatian peninsula) through the paths of several National and Nature parks- ending the day in a small charming village in the heart of Istria. As a prize for long day- Istrian specialties: fuži, truffles, olive oil and wine. Bon Appétit or ‘Dobar tek’ as we say in Croatian!

Istria – Kvarner islands

4. Istria – Kvarner islands

Our first ferry ride on the trip will take us from Istria peninsula to the island of Cres. Narrow (almost one-way) roads and trails will show us the beauties of this rugged and mountainous island. After lunch in picturesque small village on the island, we’ll ‘hop’ to the next one- island of Krk- also known as ‘Krk and Roll’. That means we’ll be doing a lot of gravel, exploring the island’s high peaks and hidden beaches. That’s what this tour is all about!

Velebit mountain and Zadar county

5-6 Velebit mountain and Zadar county

In next two days, we’ll be combining the best possible coastal riding (phenomenal asphalt) along the Adriatic coast, with high peaks of powerful Velebit mountain (off-road) using the versatile capabilities of our GS motorcycles. Somewhere in the middle, we’ll hop on ATVs for even more adventure! Get ready for gorgeous views, challenging hairpins, and Croatian enduro tracks. Oh yes, rafting too!

Interior Croatia

7. Interior Croatia

Riding around Dinara- Croatia’s highest mountain (with its peak at 1831m / 6.007ft above sea level), is our playground for today. Talks about whether to do quite a long hike to the peak- or ride around the mountain will be short, so we’ll hit the (off)road! With Dinara being 20km/12mi long and 10km/6mi wide, there’s more than enough riding that will for sure make our day. Dinara stands as a natural boundary between Bosnia and Croatia, separating continental from mediterranean- beautiful scenery, mixture of grass and rocks, huge pasture areas, waterfalls, hidden river springs and attractive Peruča lake views are all waiting for us!

Island hopping In Dalmatia

8-10 Island hopping In Dalmatia

It wouldn’t be a proper Croatian adventure ride without a few Dalmatian islands! Exploring islands, being surrounded by beautiful Adriatic sea and at least 3-4 other close-by islands, is a true Croatian experience! We’ll be exploring a lot of small beaches, doing speedboat/jet ski rides and visiting stunning caves, conquering high island peaks, scuba diving and much more. Simply excellent local seafood, top quality wine from small, charming family owned vineyards; specialties that include cheese, prosciutto and olive oil that differ from one island to another; even from one house to another. Crystal clear Adriatic sea will be at its best on some far-away islands, just calling for a swim! And yes, there will be awesome, just awesome off-road riding too! Did we mention awesome off-road riding?

Peljesac peninsula - Dubrovnik

11. Peljesac peninsula - Dubrovnik

Before arriving to Dubrovnik, we have a true Croatian gem to ride through- Pelješac peninsula! Combination of fabulous curves and twisties will take us to Ston, a city at the southernmost point on the peninsula with huge historical significance. We’ll talk about it over oyster tasting as the area of Ston, is the most famous oyster-growing area in Croatia! Soon after, we’ll reach Dubrovnik- although a very commercialized Croatian city, it is very much worth visiting- and we’ll show you some less touristy spots too!

Departure from Dubrovnik

12. Departure from Dubrovnik

Depending on your departure time, we'll may have more time to spend so there will be several choices: Walking around and exploring the city of Dubrovnik Taking a part in one of numerous activities in Dubrovnik area Riding the bike back to Zagreb (possible in one day too) OR (best option) Ask us for more riding in close by countries like Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania- all beautiful off-road / Enduro destinations. Explore them with us before they get ‘discovered’! We really hope you enjoyed the trip, wish you a good flight and of course- see you again!

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