Restaurant – Konoba – OPG – Gostionica in Croatia (or ‘where to eat in Croatia’)


First things first– you can get food in all of them, so when on a motorcycle tour in Croatia and feeling really hungry, no need to worry about the type of the place. But, what is the difference? We’ll start with the most common ones.



Where to eat in Croatia?

Pizzeria– we all know about that. Many types with different toppings. While in Slavonia, order ‘Slavonska’, in Zagorje- ‘Zagorska'; or try with the name of the pizzeria- every pizzeria has its own ‘house pizza’ that shares the same name.

Fast food– hamburgers, hot dogs, toasts etc.

Restaurant– most common place to eat. Many types like seafood restaurants (‘riblji restoran’), Mediterranean restaurants, slow food restaurants, fine dining etc.

Konoba- you’ll see them often while riding along the coast. It is more of a traditional place to eat; closest translation wold be- a tavern. Every ‘konoba’ needs to meet Croatia’s standards in terms of looks and the food they offer. Rusticaly decorated with local (usually fisherman’s) accessories and a lot of wood (tables, chairs, walls), small windows with charming looking curtains, they will definitely get your attention. Once you’re inside, delicious aromas of vine, grilled fish and spices will just make you want to stay and try some of the local food they offer.

Pivnica– a pub. Place to have a draft beer and a quick bite, usually in terms of ‘comfort food’.

Gostionica– similar to an ‘inn’ kinda restaurant. Quick bite also in terms of ‘comfort food’, with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Some ‘gostionica’ also offer accommodation.

Pečenjarnica– ‘grill’. Mostly roasted meat (pork, lamb, veal, chicken). Also serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

O.P.G. (‘Obiteljsko Poljoprivredno Gospodarstvo’)- family farm. Everything needs to be home made- from meat, salami, cheese, olive oil, to vegetables, vine and natural juices they offer. If you’d like to try different goat-cow-sheep cheese with some prosciutto, definitely give it a go.

Pekara/pekarnica– baker’s shop. Bread, cakes, pastries, pies, donuts etc. New tendency is to serve coffee, milk, yogurt or similar products that can even be conusmed on spot.

Slastičarnica– cake shop, ice-cream parlour. Numerous kinds of cakes and ice-cream flavours.


And that’s basically it. If you also read our post about the food in Croatia, you’re more than ready to start your motorcycle tours and explore the aromas and tastes of Croatian food.

More is to come! Once again, ‘dobar tek’ (enjoy)!

2 Responses to Restaurant – Konoba – OPG – Gostionica in Croatia (or ‘where to eat in Croatia’)

  1. Steve Simpson says:

    Of the the 3 tours I did that year Patagonia, Africa and Croatia, this was my favorite trip! Darko is the perfect guide, knowledgable, friendly and passionate as he presents his country to you on a silver platter on a tour that you will never forget! Ride on ; – ))

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