MotoTrip introduces Alps and Dolomites

Grossglockner by MotoTrip

Looking for a motorcycle tour of the Alps and/or Dolomites? Well, you’re at the right place. Finally, after several years of extensive touring privately and with closed groups, we in MotoTrip created two different itineraries and scheduled two guided tours, starting from 2015 season!


Alps motorcycle tour- what’s it about?

We’re sure most of you by now, heard stories about someone doing an Alps motorcycle tour. Honestly, that means you’re already half way there- because after seeing just one or two pictures of twisty mountain roads in Italy (Dolomites), France, Switzerland or Austria- you’ll be thinking about it constantly. It’s just a matter of time when you’ll decide to visit this, so called, ‘motorcycle heaven’. Miles and miles of superb curves and hairpins, stunning nature, high mountain passes and Alpine lakes are calling for riders every year. That’s why, we present you MotoTrip’s two new tours: Alpine Discovery and AlpsTastic tour!

Passo Stelvio (Stilfserjoch)

Passo Mendola, Italy


Alpine Discovery by MotoTrip

Alpine Discovery is one of MotoTrip’s ’Speedy’ tours- meaning that every day is a riding day (no rest days). Is mostly designed for experienced riders that want to ‘seize the day’; but also for riders who are short on time and want to be sure the itinerary gets them to see the most within their holiday. So if you find yourself among the two- that’s the right tour for you!

The tour starts from Venice, which is an excellent starting point for many reasons:

  • VCE (Venice Marco Polo airport) is a busy airport offering direct flights to/from many destinations in the world- so be sure to check for direct flights,
  • we all know Venice from beautiful and romantic movie scenes- so we encourage you to arrive a day earlier and use the day to explore the city,
  • last, but definitely not least- Venice is just 100 miles/160km away from the Dolomites- Italian heaven for motorcycle riding. That said, on our first riding day- you’ll be riding the Dolomites in no time!

Mountain passes like Passo Stelvio, Passo Gavia (Italy) and Grossglockner (Austria) are just some of the highlights along the way! For more details, be sure to check MotoTrip’s website HERE.

Passo Gavia, Italy

Passo Gavia, Italy 02


AlpsTastic Tour by MotoTrip

If you think we spelled the tour’s name wrong- well, we haven’t. AlpsTastic stands for ‘Fantastic’ as it is for sure represents one of the best Alpine itineraries possible- that makes the tour just fantastic! As Official Partners of BMW Motorrad, we set the start immediately after the biggest BMW event in the world- BMW Motorrad Days in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. That way, you can attend the famous event (optionally), and still have enough time to prepare and rest before the tour.

The tour starts from the ‘Home of BMW’- Munich, Germany. You could arrive few days earlier or stay a few days later, and visit famous ‘BMW Welt‘, ‘BMW Museum‘ and ‘BMW Plant’ all located in the city centre; and of course enjoy a local ‘weissbeer’ for example.

First riding day will take us to Austria; Italy, Switzerland, France will follow. Riding around famous Andermatt area in Switzerland, is for sure one of the highlights, but there’s much more like Col d l’Iseran in France, Grossglockner in Austria and not to be missed, Passo Stelvio in Italy. Food-wise, we’ll be riding from schnitzels and bratwursts of Austria and Germany, pizza and pasta of Italy, crème brûlée of France to cheese fondue of Switzerland- so be sure we’ll be having a great/tasty time! For more details about MotoTrip’s AlpsTastic tour, visit the website HERE.

Passo Stelvio (Stilfserjoch)-2

Road to Passo Pennes, Italy

Umbrail pass, Switzerland 03

Passo Gavia, Italy-2

Between Austria and Italy


See you in the Alps in 2015! Ride safe.

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