Peljesac Peninsula on a motorcycle– through the land of irresistible nature and wines

Peljesac scenery

You thought that your motorcycle holidays couldn’t get any better? Think again! The best of Croatia = Peljesac peninsula on a motorcycle!

Sometimes when on a tour, it’s nice when you don’t have to leave the land but you can feel like you’re riding and touring across a beautiful island. Not many places can give you that sort of feeling like the Peljesac Peninsula can, so why not hang around with us for a few moments and see what this beautiful place on many Croatian motorcycle tours is all about. Peljesac is a peninsula in southern Dalmatia in Croatia just north of Dubrovnik and it is the second largest peninsula in Croatia. From the isthmus that begins at Ston, to the top of Cape Lovišta, it is nothing less than 65 km long, but no more than 6 km wide.

This picturesque peninsula is something that will make the tour rout on your motorcycle vacations special. Its rocky hills and fertile valleys with numerous charming vineyards (from which some of the Croatia’s best wines are cultivated) alternate with cypress forests and typical Mediterranean pine forests. Besides vineyards, olive groves are not a rarity, and the rest of its natural landscape is enriched with common citrus trees like figs, almonds, oranges, and tangerines. Colorful and interesting landscape with nice long winding roads makes a great place for a top class motorcycle adventure.

Amazing motorcycle road on Peljesac peninsula

The scent of warm tires, delicious wines and beautiful sea

Peljesac has an ancient maritime tradition and is the home of many captains famous for their skill and bravery on the open sea. Since ancient times it have been known for the fine vineyards that we’ve mentioned earlier, and the excellent sorts of wines of which we can mention some of the world famous: Dingac, Postup, Plavac and Peljesac. If you get a chance make sure you try a glass or two of these exquisite wines. One of the things that makes us motorcycle adventurers really happy is the fact that across the whole peninsula there’s a new asphalt road joining all the settlements. One part of the road leads towards Trpanj (a beautiful small place on the north side of peninsula), and the second road leads to Orebic (small town on the south of Peljesac).

Peljesac is also famous for its beaches, such as Prapratno beach, Vodice resort, Duba Beach, Trstenica beach Dingac beach, Mirce beach and many others. You’re probably going to get a headache trying to decide if you should park your bike and enjoy one of these beaches for an hour or two, or continue your magic Croatian motorcycle tour across the roads through the beautiful landscape of Peljesac. Larger towns with a many interesting tourist attractions are Ston, Brijest, Trpanj, Viganj and Orebic. But there are also many small and calm places for those who want to spend their vacation in a quiet Dalmatian place, away from the tourist crowd and clamor, such as Zuljana, Podobuce, Loviste and others.

Peljesac beaches

The place where the most precious thing is nature

While traveling by motorbike from Split to the peninsula you will need a passport on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina in Neum, because this is the place where the neighboring country has its small exit to the Adriatic. The Peljesac peninsula can be reached by motorbike along the main road from Ston (a small town that lies at the very beginning of the Peljesac peninsula). While we’re at this, we should definitely mention the Peljesac Bridge, construction of which has been planned for years now. It would be an additional connection between Peljesac. Once completed, this bridge would physically connect all of Croatia, which is now interrupted by the strip of land belonging to Bosnia and Herzegovina at Neum, as we’ve mentioned. The start of construction has been continuously delayed until shipping rights and boundaries can be properly defined between the two countries. We can only imagine how riding across this bridge could make for an even better motorcycle adventure.

Natural beauty on Peljesac still stands against all the commercial and tourism based values. That’s why it’s correct to say that Peljesac is the place where the nature still is the main value. Touring and experiencing the peninsula of Peljesac on a motorcycle is part of MotoTrip’s Phenomenal Island Hopping tour. It’s definitely one of our favorite spots for motorcycle touring in Croatia and we recommend visiting it to anyone who comes near the beautiful Croatian south. Farewell until next time!

Peljesac bays

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