Sarajevo – Exploring the city of good Vibes on a Bosnian motorcycle tour

Old town Sarajevo- Bascarsija

Discover Sarajevo – one of the most historically interesting and varied cities in Europe as well as one of the stops on the amazing motorcycle tour in Bosnia by MotoTrip!

Belive it or not…

..the roads and scenery taking you to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina are almost as fantastic as the city itself. You will be riding through river canyons, between lakes and waterfalls, before reaching Sarajevo and walking into Bascarsija – the Old Turkish quarter and a great place to start off your visit and have a first but certainly not the last cup of great Bosnian-style Espresso. While sipping your coffee and watching the people go by for a second you might find yourself thinking that you’ve somehow ended up in Istanbul. But with a little help from your experienced MotoTrip Tour guide Darko, you will soon learn that narrow and cobbled streets, the Turkish bazaars, coffee shops and mosques are just one of the many sides of this city. Referred to as Jerusalem of Europe, Sarajevo is historically famous for its traditional religious diversity, with adherents of Islam, Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Judaism coexisting here for centuries. Being an example of historical turbulence and the clash of civilizations, as well as a beacon of hope for peace and tolerance through multi-cultural integration, Sarajevo is one of the most visited Balkan cities and a definite ‘must see’ destination.

Sarajevo Miljacka river

Sarajevo – the best place on earth to get hungry!

Traditional food on Balkan motorcycle tours

Since No Borders MotoTrip Tour will also take you riding the suburbs and exploring the way Sarajevo survived its siege, there is a good chance that after learning everything there is to learn about the fascinating and violent past of this amazing city, you’ll be hungry as a wolf. Good news is that Sarajevo is well known for its great traditional food – local delicacy called cevapcici. Bosnian cevap or cevapcic is a grilled dish made mainly out of minced beef meat with addition of lamb or some other non-pork meat and hint of red pepper, garlic and salt. Real Bosnian ćevap should be prepared and served with “somun” or “lepina” – type of flat-bread that usually gets grilled together with cevapcici, or above them, to be more exact. In that way bread gets the meaty flavor and the meat gets fried from bellow and doesn’t become dry because of the bread placement. After grilling, cevapcici are usually served with chopped onion and some sour cream, kajmak, yoghurt or kefir. Best places to try this delicacy are Željo 1 and 2, Ferhatović and Mrkva. If you’re not really that much into grilled meat (really?! ), there is always the option of “pita” – a type of pasty pie generally offered in several varieties – cheese (Bosnian cheese called “young cheese” and pretty similar to ricotta), cheese and spinach (zeljanica), pumpkin (tikvica), spicy potato (krompirusa) and meat (burek). All “pitas” are usually served with a traditional yogurt sauce which resembles sour cream.

Traditional Turkish coffee


Out and about a motorcycle tour in Bosnia

Barscarsija Satajevo

After getting all the refreshment you might need in the city, this Balkans motorcycle tour will take you south – on excursion to Sutjeska, one of the oldest National Parks of Bosnia and Herzegovina, best known for the primeval forest called Perucica. You’ll cruise along river Sutjeska that has carved a stunning valley in the middle of the park and on your way back to Sarajevo you’ll stop in Jablanica and visit Mostar, another one of the beautiful historic cities on the epic No Borders route. When you get back to Sarajevo, don’t forget to just go out, meet some people and have fun. We recommend that you start with having a drink at coffee bar Zlatna ribica (a super fun place where you’ll probably feel like Alice did in Wonderland) and then head out to Route 66, the ultimate place in Sarajevo for bikers, or to the newly opened and pretty popular pub Pussy Galore. In any case, wherever you end up, as long as you’re in Sarajevo with MotoTrip Team, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have the time of your life, so just relax and enjoy yourself!

Shopping in Sarajevo

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