The island of Cres – a perfect start for the Adriatic motorcycle tour

Island of Cres

Put your wheels on one of Croatia’s best kept secrets on our Adriatic motorcycle tour!

You may wonder what makes motorcycle adventures on islands so special. You might even think why bother bringing a bike of shore when it’s just… an island. Well, when it comes to Adriatic motorcycle tours and Adriatic islands, there are countless reasons to do so. One of the biggest reasons (at least geographically) is the island of Cres, for which some say that it’s Croatia’s best kept secret. But there’s so much more to it.

The moment you hop off the ferry you’re taken away with beautiful, vast and calm surrounding that shines through unspoiled nature of Cres. The rocky Mediterranean scenery calls your name in the quiet breeze, and the bare idea that in a few minutes you’re going to have a BMW between yourself and the twisty, narrow roads, carved into the terraced hills of Cres, makes you want to start immediately without waiting for your companions. Hey, easy now, first let’s check where’s the road taking us.

Island of Cres- Adriatic motorcycle tour

Croatia’s biggest island adventure

Together with Krk, Lošinj, Rab, and several smaller islands, Cres is located in the northern part of Adriatic, in the Kvarner Gulf. You wouldn’t believe how islands in the area differ from each other; coming from rocky mountains down to green pine forests, the impression is really special, and hopping from island to island is something you won’t forget.

Cres is a charming, mountainous and rippling island that’s perfect for introducing the adventure of Adriatic.

  • It’s Croatia’s biggest island, outrunning the island of Krk for just a few square meters
  • Its 66 kilometers of length makes it one of the longest islands in Croatia
  • The highest point at 648 meteres is Gorice peak
  • This unique beauty is captured within 268 kilometers of nicely indented coast.

Surrounded by deep, crystal clear sea, island’s coast is made out of numerous coves (such as Punta Križa), and where the cliffs guard the waterside, many caves have taken place. So, when you get off the bike, you can go climbing, diving, exploring the caves and ancient remains, or even birdwatching, it’s up to you.

Island of Cres- sandy beach

Guided motorcycle tours take place mostly during summer time, which is perfect for visiting the Adriatic coast and Croatia. Cres has a very pleasant climate, and chances are that you’ll hit perfect sunny days if touring in summer. But riding a motorcycle on a sunny Mediterranean day will make you want to refresh yourself, and what better than some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia: Valun, Lubenice – Sv. Ivan, Meli, Mali Bok and many others. It shouldn’t be hard to picture yourself in a state of pure enjoyment at one of these fine pebbly beaches. They’ll give your Adriatic motorcycle tour a great touch.

Riding through the postcard scenery = Adriatic motorcycle tour

City of Cres, Croatia

The inside of the island hides another kind of beauty. While touring, your attention will be captured by Vrana Lake – a very unique lake to say the least. Many scenic sweet-spots offer breathtaking views of this dark blue, 80 meter deep freshwater lake, so make sure to charge your cameras before visiting. The same goes for the northern cliffs of the island, where Griffon vulture nests, only the biggest bird in Europe (you might get an inspiration for your local motorcycle club’s new logo).

The island of Cres has much more to offer to its visiting adventurers, from rich cultural heritage and numerous ancient remains, to picturesque villages and roads along the island. We in MotoTrip have a tour called ‘’Phenomenal Island Hopping’’ where we take you through 14 most attractive Croatian islands in 15 days, and it all starts with the island of Cres. Visiting Cres on your motorbike trip will give you a drift away from tourist clamor, and not many things will stand in your way, except the simple beauty of Cres itself.

Prikaži Cres – MotoTrip na većoj karti

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