The island of Hvar – the hot-spot of Adriatic motorcycle holidays

Hvar sunset

Adriatic motorcycle holidays on one of the most beautiful islands in the world

The summer is boiling at the moment and it really matters where you are during these hot days. Some people are still on everyday run and ride on the blazing hot asphalt trails, looking for some shadow on the other side of the street while sweating their way from work to home. Some are farther in the northern hemisphere of our beautiful planet, and aren’t going through much trouble with the hot side of the summer. The luckiest ones are riding their bikes through some beautiful holiday destinations, with the biggest trouble being how to find the most interesting way from restaurant to beach.

The latter ones are definitely likely to be seen in a place such as the Croatian island called Hvar. After Lošinj and Cres, now we’re riding to the south of Croatian part of the Adriatic coast to meet a really special island. The longest (72 km) Croatian island has rich cultural and historical heritage probably because it was populated since pre-historical times. The magic of nature, architecture, gastronomy and nightlife together with awesomeness of local people promise a top class stop on your Adriatic motorcycle tour. Hvar is a top destination of the Adriatic and Traveller Magazine puts it among ten most beautiful islands in the world. Let’s see why.

Hvar old town

The sunniest place in Croatia

What Madeira is for Portugal, Hvar is for Croatia – the sunniest place in the country with no less than 2724 sunny hours throughout the year! With its lavender fields, many vineyards, pine-covered hills and forests and with diverse coastline it’s also Croatia’s greenest island. The main places are coastal towns of Hvar, Stari Grad and Jelsa, with many other smaller ones both on the coast and in the continental part of the island. Hvar is surrounded with other beautiful Croatian islands including Brač, Vis, Korčula and the Pelješac Peninsula. Together they are the heart of Dalmatian archipelago.

It’s one thing to have beautiful beaches surrounded by crystal blue sea, and another to have it all sunbathed with pleasant Mediterranean climate throughout the year with warm summers and gentle winters. Hvar has it all and that’s why it became so popular and wanted during summertime. Celebrities and jet set can be seen on numerous white yachts that slowly cruise around the island, but still, Hvar isn’t a typical ultra popular tourist destination. Why is that?

Island of Hvar, Croatia

Pull over for around the clock fun

Well, when you’ll ride across the island with your touring companions, you’ll want to have a little taste of everything. The roads will lead your over the whole island and you’ll probably want to have a stop at a secluded small beach that is not too crowded. When the night comes you probably won’t chime into an exclusive top class restaurant, but instead you’ll want to visit one of the numerous traditional small inns, locally called ‘’konoba’’. There you can taste some great traditional dishes, unique local wines and olive oils, and these inns are known for their relaxed and friendly atmosphere where you’ll have a chance to meet some great locals and maybe even try to sing a few Croatian songs. That’s how real Adriatic motorcycle holidays should look like.

But this isn’t just the place of natural beauty, nice beaches, villages and interesting roads to set your wheels on, it is also a well known Adriatic hot-spot for nonstop party. It’s only right to say that the nightlife on the island Hvar is the best it can get on the whole Adriatic. From more relaxed like concerts and different live performances, to some really hard upbeat partying at one of the Hvar’s beach clubs. Hvar is all about entertainment and enjoyment and when you mix it with a guided motorcycle tour with your friends, the greatest times can be guaranteed.

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Prikaži Hvar na većoj karti

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