MotoTrip sets higher standards for motorcycle touring in Croatia and Adriatic region

Motorcycle touring in Croatia

Couple of weeks back, I attended the BMW  ITA (International Tourguide Academy) in Germany, Munich, to become the only BMW Approved Tourguide in Croatia and Adriatic region (article written in April, 2014). After a very intense, but well planned week, I successfully passed all the final tests and was given the BMW Motorrad Tourguide Certification. Woohoo!



Acknowledged motorcycle touring in Croatia

First of all, we in MotoTrip have already been recognised as Official Partner of BMW Motorrad in Croatia. The service we offer in terms of very well maintained motorcycles, premium motorcycle tours and excellent knowledge in local area, had a great role in becoming a part of BMW back in 2012. Since then, our level of service is always highly ranked and to enhance it additionally, we attended the ITA to also apply BMW Motorrad standards while touring and to offer you even better service.


A week in Bavaria, the home of BMW

Mototrip-BMW certified tourguide

Mototrip-BMW certified tourguide

Mototrip-ITA 2014


To tell you the truth, this doesn’t just mean we had a great week trying out new BMW motorcycles, doing nice rides and finishing the days of with local ‘Weissbier’ (wheat beer). Hard work!

But, we also learned a lot about BMW Motorrad history and brand, were improving our onroad and offroad riding skills, understanding motorcycle specific First Aid skills, technical skills and many more. That said, those are all essential benefits of a BMW Motorrad Tourguide. The tourguide needs to be highly trained, versatile and familiar with the tour area to ensure unforgettable experience and high customer satisfaction- and that’s what matters a lot to us. So, while motorcycle touring in Croatia with MotoTrip team, be sure you’ll be safe, have great time and bring back home loads of nice memories.






Many thanks and regards to all BMW ITA participants in April 2014, all the crew and above all, to the organisers! Greetings from Croatia, see you all soon!


Ride safe.

Darko Novosel

BMW-ITA-Card Darko Novosel



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