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Every year or so, we in MotoTrip add a few new tours to our motorbike holidays in Europe ‘menu’ and in this blog post, we’d like to show what we’ve got for the season of 2016. Oh yes, and ‘show-off’ a bit with our new promo video. Hope you didn’t miss it above :)


Croatia, Adriatics and Balkans motorcycle tours:

  • Croatia Discovery, a ‘quick-preview’ tour of Croatia in just 7 days. Perfect for those addicted to ‘been there, done that’ travels; or anyone short on time wanting to get the most out of its vacation
  • Sunset tour, our best seller tour of Croatia. Without a doubt, best 11 days you can put together for Croatia. Islands, backroads, highlights.. All in!
  • No Borders tour, our best seller tour of the region. Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro. The tour. Proven itinerary, amazing roads, always happy faces! 15 days, being our longest scheduled tour of the region.


Alps & Dolomites guided motorcycle tours

  • Alpine Discovery, a great pick for a first visit to the Alps. 9 days total, riding the famous Stelvio pass in Italy and Grossglockner in Austria. Dolomites too, of course! Start/finish is Venice which is a gem by itself. Can’t miss with that one!
  • AlpsTastic tour, the (fantastic) tour of the Alps. Starting from the home of BMW (Munich), we ride through the ‘riding paradise': Austria, Italy & Dolomites, France, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Unbeatable itinerary, simply put- great roads and awesome riding. 15 days. Fun, fun, fun! Be careful- after getting back home, you’re likely to end up with Alps-ache; headache that no pills help. Only the return helps :)


Sardinia, Corsica & Tuscany (NEW for 2016/2017)

  • We’ll soon have all info available at our official website. First (and only) dates in 2016 will be in October; so mark your vacation immediately if that sounds about right. Mix of all the three (Sardinia, Corsica and Tuscany) is a ‘win-win’ situation and it’ll be an awesome tour with Italian, French and Croatian influence. What can possibly go wrong? :)


‘Off the Radar’ adventure motorcycle tours (off-road oriented)

  • Secrets of Magical Croatia. In MotoTrip, often referred to as ‘Level 1 tour’. Perfect introductory to adventure riding as the tour is suitable for beginner off-road riders; while experienced off-road riders still won’t be bored. The result will be the same- having your batteries fully charged at the end. Croatia, nature and adventure. What more to wish for?
  • Albania vs Montenegro enduro adventure ride. New tour. We’ll call it ‘Level 3′. Hard one as we’re ‘talking’ about big enduro motorcycles. Only for experienced off-road riders. Only for private groups and riders with similar off-road skills. Challenging. Simply breathtaking. Are you ready?
  • Secret tour, planned for 2017 season. You probably noticed we miss the ‘Level 2′ tour above. Well, we’re working on it. New location. Intermediate level. Already known, but kept as secret. Will be continued :)

Secrets of Magical Croatia– video highlights:

Albania vs Montenegro enduro adventure ride– video highlights:




If you’re still looking for something different for your motorbike holidays in Europe, along with those guided motorcycle tours, we in MotoTrip offer custom motorcycle tours, private motorcycle tours (groups of friends, team buildings etc.) and the ‘self-guided’ options for all tours mentioned above (except ‘Off the Radar’ tours). So, no matter what your riding style is, be sure you’ll find something that suits you!


As for motorcycle choices for all tours, we work with our own fleet of BMW GS motorcycles. We have F700GSs (standard and lowered ones), F800GSs, R1200GSs (oil cooled and liquid cooled) and R1200GSs Adventures. If that’s not enough, please feel free to contact us about your preferred model; if it’s a BMW, we’ll get it for you!

See you in 2016! Ride safe.

MotoTrip tours team.

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