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Darko Novosel

The MotoTrip BLOG: for every motorcyclist who loves great adventures

Writing a blog isn’t an easy thing to do. Writing a good one is even harder. We’ll do our best to make it happen and to take hold on the web, and hopefully you will find it useful, entertaining, educative and perhaps even beautiful. The part of beauty will rely on the photography and visual content that will mostly be brought to you by MotoTrip’s own – Darko Novosel, a passionate motorcyclist and professional photographer. So hop on and feel free to leave a comment below!


The goals are set, ideas are digitalized, thoughts are converted, and our love for motorcycling became even stronger. Our crew is led by two main things: the first one is already mentioned – motorcycling passion; and the other one is our sincere love for Adriatic coast and the countries surrounding it, especially Croatia where we are from. To pour that love into a blog, to share it with sympathizers (that is you guys, the ones reading this), that’s our mission.

Of course, we’ll show you everything that our company MotoTrip has prepared for you, but we’ve also taken responsibility of presenting the beauty of this small but extremely interesting part of Europe to you – dear riders. Adriatic coast and one of its homelands – Croatia, have that unique feel to them, an omnipresent atmosphere that can be seen and felt on every step and every kilometre (or mile if you prefer) that you make. Croatia is really one of the most beautiful countries there is, and that’s not just our opinion, there are countless reasons for putting it on the list of the world’s most beautiful countries. We dare to say that you will take part in one of the most beautiful motorcycle tours in Europe.

MotoTrip offers really well planned extensive touring around the Adriatic coast (and one of a kind guided motorcycle tours in Croatia), and this blog will introduce the places and destinations that you can see on our tours. Due to our affection to BMW machines, we are very proud for being approved as one of the Official Partners of BMW Motorrad. We have chosen to make a partnership with BMW so you can ride with us on these great bikes of which you probably already know a lot. Also, with respect to all other motorcycle brands, for which we also share great love, we hope that our choice will be more than satisfying for every rider, regardless of the brand preference.  Our bikes are also available for rental if for some reason, you don’t prefer guided tours.

Keeping in mind that our appreciated readers come from all over the world, we won’t assume that every one of you is well acquainted, if at all, with the Adriatic coast and the countries of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro etc. So we’ll try to keep it simple and funny, while pointing out at some important details and cutting out the story in such fashion, so the overall population of bike lovers can get a good whole picture of what there is for them.

How to ride this MotoTrip blog?

If you’ve already met us through our website or perhaps our Facebook page, you’ve probably noticed that we pay attention to details. And… that’s not just because we’re being purely meticulous. We believe that everything related to a good, unforgettable motorcycle trip has to be planned and organized to perfection, and that involves getting to the very finest details of our adventures. The same goes for making this MotoTrip blog.

The posts (or articles if you like) will be divided in categories. How many? Well, probably around six, but we’ll always try to listen to what you think, and we’ll adapt according to your response, and add a category, or even change or remove an existing one. Let’s see what it’s all about:

  • Places – this one is going to be hot. There are so many places that we want to show you, so we hope that this one won’t burst at the seams! These places make Adriatic motorcycle tours so special.
  • Workshop – this one’s bringing a whole lot of useful stuff for the average bike traveler. DIY’s, tutorials, self help, tips and how to’s…  You get the picture. You’re going to love this one.
  • Sweet spots – the area covered with our tours has so many national and nature parks, and other kinds of protected natural sweet spots that we’ve decided to give them a whole category.
  • Off-bike – being on a tour doesn’t mean that the only fun you’ll want to have is strictly on bike. We’ve been there so we know it. Here, we’ll introduce all kinds of stuff you can do while touring with us – from bungee jumping to jazz festivals; from ancient ruins to biker weekends. There’s plenty of it, trust us.
  • Roads – this one is reserved for pure motorcyclist’s poetry. We’re going to introduce you to some really special roads that have their own magic, and that give us that feeling because of which we’ve all fell in love with motorcycle riding at first place.
  • Stuff – similar to workshop but without ‘’how-to’’ part. We’ll make sure that you bring everything you need on a tour (and that you don’t bring stuff that you don’t need).

That’s how we see it. And of course, that’s the way we hope you’ll see it too. We have integrated social media tools so you can share the contents of our blog with your friends. And please feel free to write comments to us and to each other perhaps. Tell us what you like and point out the things that you don’t like, we would love to hear them all. We’re going to be one happy bunch if we manage to create a community of two-wheeled adventurers that share their interests around this blog.

All the best,

Darko Novosel and the MotoTrip crew.

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