Introducing ‘Off the Radar’- off road motorcycle tours in Europe


If you’re an adventurous rider searching for unique off-road motorcycle tours in Europe – you’re at the right spot! Our ‘Off the Radar‘ series of tours combine road and off-road riding, take you to the most scenic spots unreachable on standard paved tours, deliver a great dose of adventure through activities like rafting, canoeing etc., and we do all that (well, almost ‘all’) using very capable and versatile, BMW GSs!

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Off road motorcycle tours in Europe?

Off-road can mean a lot. From soft enduro to hard enduro, there are many steps and different levels of off-road skills required. For that reason, it is very important to know in advance about the difficulty of tracks, daily rides and overall, tour type.

So, when we say that we use ‘big’ BMW dual-sport/enduro motorcycles (BMW GSs: F700GS, F800GS and R1200GS), you’ll know we won’t be jumping around on a motocross racetrack, nor do ‘crazy’ singletracks through the rocky mountains. But, we will for sure get away from asphalt, and a lot. These bikes are very capable both on-road and off-road, allowing us to explore many hidden spots, usually unreachable with standard road bikes. And that is the whole ‘Off the Radar‘ idea. Enjoy the nature!

Off road motorcycle tours in Europe- adventure riding along Croatian coast

Dual-sport motorcycle tours in Croatia & Balkans?

Absolutely yes! If you just google about Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro or Albania, you’ll find out there are many highlights already. And if you try to imagine all the hidden spots that are not listed online, you’ll most likely realise how fun could this be!

For example: like every country, Croatia has its highlights. Those are: city of Dubrovnik, city of Hvar, National park Plitvice Lakes, Split etc. We often suggest visiting almost all of them; not because they are touristy; it’s because they really are worth visiting. But aside the highlights, there are rides in between. And that’s where ‘off the radar’ part comes in. Through the mountains, around river canyons and lakes, hopping from island to island, we will cover and discover more ground than you can ever imagine.


Secrets of magical Croatia- off road motorcycle tour along the Adriatics

Our tour called ‘Secrets of magical Croatia‘ is the first one in ‘off the radar’ series by MotoTrip (often called ‘Level 1′ tour). What we prepared, is a mix of paved roads, backroads and off-road tracks, trying to accomplish 50:50 road/off-road ratio (calculated in the actual hours of riding, not mileage). Of course, we will visit some of Croatia’s highlights mentioned above, but will mostly stick to ‘nature’ part. In addition to riding, we prepared several different ‘off the radar’ adventures: rafting, canoeing, ATV (all-terrain-vehicle) rides, speedboat/jet-ski rides and optional, tandem paragliding for you searching for even more adventure.

Days and activities are completely pre-planned so you can ‘ride the adventure’ with us, or decide to rest skipping certain activities- it’s up to you. To get the best out of it, we do suggest to stick with the plan; while you might be more exhausted at the end, we’re sure your batteries will be recharged!

Side activities on an adventure motorcycle tour- rafting

Riding a BMW R1200GS off road on gravel in Croatia

Preparing for this off-road motorcycle tour

Since we ride in groups and we’d like to maintain a good ‘moving average’, certain riding skills are required: you need to be at least an experienced road-rider, with  good knowledge of how to handle hairpins, fast/slow corners and general bike handling (manoeuvring on spot etc.). Even if you don’t have any gravel/off-road riding skills, those on-road skills will help you quickly ‘conquer’ basic off-road skills and get you going along the route.

As our tourguide is a certified BMW Tourguide, he will certainly be able to point out some tips&tricks that will help your bike handling. At the moment, we in MotoTrip don’t offer any ‘off-road trainings’ but we’re happy to suggest you to participate in famous ‘Hechlingen Enduro Park training‘ in Germany prior the tour. For any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


10 riding days isn’t enough?

You’d like to do more dual-sport riding? Awesome! Check out our new off road adventure motorcycle tour called ‘Albania vs Montenegro’ right here!

Want more? Let us know as we have many ideas for additional off-road motorcycle tours in the region. Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania are all ‘off-road paradise’ so be sure we’ll set up additional 10 days of riding in no-time! Looking forward to riding with you!



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