Off-road training at Hechlingen Enduro Park

Hechlingen enduro park

No matter if you’re novice to off-road and actually never made that turn from asphalt to gravel, or you’re an experienced off-road rider wanting to confirm the knowledge you have and learn some new tricks, Hechlingen Enduro Park is the place for off-road trainings in Europe.


Hechlingen Enduro Park

Hechlingen enduro park

If you’re thinking no parks can replace real outdoor terrain when it comes to enduro, Hechlingen training park will definitely prove you wrong. Also known as ’26 hectares of off-road fun’, this off-road closed training course offers Enduro trainings for over 20 years now (opened in 1993).  Experienced multi-lingual Instructors with years of off-road background (often Motocross and Supermoto) will do their best to cover everything from basics to advanced techniques of handling the bikes, and yourself.

There are literally all kinds of terrain: hard packed gravel, dirt, rocks, sand, mud, singletracks, steep inclines and ascents, soft gravel and many more. It’s a unique location for experiencing all possible terrain and surfaces.

Hechlingen enduro park sign

BMW Motorcycles

As Hechlingen Enduro Park partnered up with BMW Motorrad, you will find all new model GS motorcycles available for rental during training courses. From F700GS, F800GS to bigger, R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure bikes. There are also several G650 (single cylinders aka thumpers) and a few smaller bikes just in case. For more extreme trainings (special dates), they have their own fleet of G450X bikes- bikes that are familiar to every BMW Motorcycles fan. And those bikes will just go. Everywhere.


Check out the video by BMW Motorrad below:


The training

Hechlingen enduro park training

Basically, two options are possible: single day Enduro trainings and 2-day Enduro trainings. There’s also GS intensive training for the really experienced ones (that one would require a separate post so we’ll stick to first two options).

No matter which one you choose, groups are always separated in different levels:

  • beginners (no off-road experience)
  • intermediate (a bit of off-road experience)
  • experts (riders with off-road experience)

That way, you won’t be ahead of yourself and will make the best use of the training. There are a few breaks through the day (for drinks, restrooms etc.), with the longest one for lunch- offering you the time to relax and think of what you learned before continuing.

If a beginner, certified Instructors first talk about the body position and will demonstrate various techniques while the bike is on a centre stand; also showing you how to lift the bike up in case of flipping over, and how to handle the bike as off-road riding differs pretty much from road riding.

If you joined the experts, most likely you’ll immediately start the bikes and do a quick warm up. After a few minutes, you’ll be dealing with first obstacles and getting to know the park. After a few rounds, Instructors will comment on your riding capabilities and that’s how it goes. Ride. Learn. Ride. Learn.

Hechlingen enduro park uphill

Is language a problem?

Not at all. All BMW Motorrad certified Instructors speak fluently at least two languages (English is always one of them)- so even if you’re in a group of German participants and don’t understand a word except ‘body talk’ and gestures, Instructors will explain everything in English too. Even the jokes! 


What should I wear and what about weather?

Full riding gear is mandatory (helmet, jacket, pants, gloves and boots). Additionally, Enduro style or Motocross boots are highly recommended as that’s the most important part of off-road riding. If you don’t own motocross boots, you can rent them at the park for a small fee; or even buy excellent new BMW Motorrad Rally Pro boots over there. There are other BMW Motorrad Ride and Style accessories and equipment so bringing some extra cash could result with an empty wallet at the end :) Furthermore, we do recommend having a motocross helmet with goggles as those are much lighter than regular on-road helmets plus they ventilate much better- but it’s not mandatory, just recommended.

As for weather- dress accordingly depending on the dates you’re interested to book. The training is almost never cancelled so be prepared for rain and mud too. They have their own saying that goes something like this:’we generally don’t care about weather’, which means nothing stops the training. Well, in case of ice and lots of snow, it could be cancelled. But, know that once you booked, you’ll be riding!

 Hechlingen enduro park woods

BMW Motorrad Rallye Pro Booths

Is there more at Hechlingen Enduro Park?

Aside mentioned Enduro trainings, Hechlingen Enduro Park offers specialised training courses for ladies, for travellers (handling the bike fully loaded and working with tools), individual trainings and so on. Feel free to contact them about any option that sound interesting. But, do have in mind that the trainings are booked out pretty early and it is a good idea to plan in advance.


To sum up

There will be crashes, there will be sweat and there will be tons of fun. The idea is to learn not only from your experience, but from the experienced Instructors and other participants. You’ll be training in small groups so everything is visible and straightforward.

For prices, available dates and all other info, visit Enduro Park Hechlingen official website here:


We in MotoTrip don’t offer off-road trainings at the moment- so if thinking about our off-road motorcycle tour of Croatia (Secrets of magical Croatia) or any other tour from our ‘Off the Radar’ series, try adding a training day in Hechlingen before the tour (just a recommendation). Even though our tourguide is a certified BMW Tourguide, the experience of BMW off-road Instructors over there is of high value.

Let us now about your adventures on big bikes in Europe by replying below! Ride safe!

Hechlingen enduro training

BMW F800GS Adventure in dirt

Enduro training at Hechlingen, Germany

BMW R1200GS Adventure in sand

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