The island of Losinj – where the Adriatic motorbike magic countinues

Mali Losinj scenery

Ride through the oasis and see why everyone loves this island

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions Adriatic motorbike tour, Adriatic coast or Mediterranean sea? If it’s a green, sunbathed oasis, with dolphins splattering around nice beaches, then the island of Lošinj is a place for you. A few are able to resist this kind of scenery. Even for us passionate bikers, Lošinj offers that kind of idyllic stuff that makes you wanna park your bike in the shadow of a pine tree, grab a refreshing drink at one its beautiful beaches, and just enjoy the view, the scent, and the thought of what’s coming next.

Together with Cres, the island of Lošinj is one of the first places you’ll visit during our ‘Sunset tour’. The legend says that these two islands used to be naturally connected, but the Romans have dug out the canal between them so the ships could pass through. Today, these two islands are connected with a mobile bridge.

Adriatic Motorbike roads

The sweet spot of northern Adriatic

Two main resorts of the island are towns of Mali Lošinj and Veli Lošinj (translation from Croatian would be – Little Lošinj and Big Lošinj). Funny thing is that the town of Mali Lošinj (Little Lošinj) is bigger than Veli Lošinj (Big Lošinj). In fact, with around 7000 inhabitants, Mali Lošinj is the biggest island town in the Adriatic. That being said, it’s not surprising that Mali Lošinj is the central place of Western Kvarner, and its harbor is said to be the most beautiful in the entire Adriatic. Now, let’s see some geography class stuff:

  • Lošinj has some 2600 sunny hours throughout the year!
  • The island’s area covers around 75 square kilometers
  • It is 33 kilometers long with 112 kilometers of coastline
  • The highest point is Televrina peak (588 m) at mountain Osoršćica (trying to pronounce this one correctly will give you some serious trouble)

The hilly region around Osoršćica has remained completely unspoiled, and its natural diversity makes it an attractive destination. The crystal clear sea water around Lošinj is home for around 200 dolphins. These beautiful animals sure know how to pick a spot, and the fact that they’ve picked Lošinj proves how extremely clean the sea water is.

Losinj- Adriatic Motorbike road

Adriatic motorbike tours at its best

Riding a bike on the island of Lošinj is what defines beautiful motorcycle vacations. Just imagine the pure sight of you and your mates riding the coastal island road in the sunset, and the sea on your right with dolphins splashing in and out – now that’s something, isn’t it.

As we’ve mentioned before, there are many beaches and hidden caves throughout the Lošinj archipelago. Everyone’s taste will be satisfied with rocky, pebbly and sandy beaches, and enjoying one of these after a long ride is what makes probably the best summer motorcycle holidays you can get.  Other than that, you can go surfing, sailing, diving, playing any ball sport you like, bicycling, hiking or just sightseeing. It’s all up to you and your touring mates, and your guide will make sure that everything is well organized so you could have the best times.

View of Mali Losinj, Croatia

All of this and much more makes the island of Lošinj the most popular tourist destination in Kvarner. And the stuff you’re going to see on Lošinj won’t just make your biker friends jealous, but all of your regular friends too. For more info about Adriatic motorbike tours, feel free to check out our official Mototrip website to get the tour details, and if you want to get more info on the island, you can check Lošinj’s Tourism Office website.

Prikaži Lošinj – MotoTrip na većoj karti

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