The island of Korcula by motorcycle- a perfect ride!

Korcula city- view of Hotel Korčula

Island of Korcula by motorcycle: this island is all about beautiful nature, tradition and friendly people

After meeting the islands of Hvar and Vis, we’re still riding, or better said hopping around beautiful central Dalmatian islands. And it’s a real joy to share our love for one of the nicest parts of the Adriatic, and one of the regions that’s being recognized for one of the most exciting motorcycle tours in Europe. This time we’re transferring our bikes with the ferry to one of the greenest Croatian islands called Korcula. So hop on and join us because summer time is still far from being over.

Where to start with this jewel of Adriatic Sea? With a good reason we can start with the fact that the island of Korcula is the second most populated Croatian island (after the island of Krk) with just a little more than 16.000 inhabitants. These good people preserved the islands beauty for centuries and cultivated some of the best wines and olive oils in the region. The ancient Greeks called the island Korkyra, Melaina or Black Corfu, and all of these names were referring to rich wooded nature of the island. Even today, Korcula is a stunning green island with magnificent nature and mentioned cultivated cultures.

Korcula sunset on Croatian motorcycle tours

Riding through the heart of a green Mediterranean island

Reaching the island of Korcula by motorcycle: is just 20 km from the Dalmatian mainland. It’s located south from the Pelješac peninsula from which it’s separated by a narrow strait of Pelješac. Korcula is south of the island of Hvar and east of Vis and it’s quite a big island too, the sixth largest Adriatic island to be specific. Similar to the surrounding islands, Korcula’s climate is mild with an average air temperature in January being 9.8 °C and in July 26.9 °C. All that is a guarantee that you will have pleasant riding conditions when on your Croatian motorcycle tours. Major places on the island are the town of Korcula, Lumbarda and Vela Luka.

Korcula has rather indented coast line and its southern side is very rich with gorgeous small beaches and over 200 hundred caves. When you and your group hop of the ferry the beautiful and truly interesting ride is waiting for you. The island’s main road runs through the middle of the whole island connecting all settlements from Lumbarda on the east to Vela Luka on the west, offering some stunning views – classic Mediterranean, we might say.  There are other small roads too, some continental and some running along the Korcula’s coastline, promising a great motorbike trip.

Old town of Korcula

Old town of Korcula

Travel to the native island of the world’s best know traveler Marco Polo

According to a document found on the island the world famous merchant traveler Marco Polo was born on Korcula. That’s a pretty exciting fact because at the end we’re talking about some great travelling over here. If you are curious you can find out more interesting information on this subject at Korcula’s museum.  The people here care about their tradition and culture and they’ve preserverd a lot of the customs, some of which are really interesting to witness. For example, Moreška is a traditional sword dance from the town of Korcula. It is one of the many proud traditional sword dances that are performed on the island and its present on the island from 16th century. Korcula has a rich musical history with Klape groups being the best known performers, not only on Korcula but aross Dalmatia. Klapa is a form of a cappella style of singing. The tradition goes back centuries, but the style as we know it today, originated in the 19th century.

To sum up the characteristics of this Adriatic gem, the island of Korcula represents a unique blend of stunningly beautiful nature, thousands of years of cultural tradition and history, and modern tourism capacities. Numerous beautiful beaches and bays, luxurious hotels and summer houses, centuries old olive groves and vineyards, and ancient towns and villages on the island which seem as if they have remained lost in some long past time attract tourist from all over the world to this island. You can look at this island as refreshment when on MotoTrip‘s  Croatian motorcycle tours, giving you an opportunity to admire the nature, enjoy the beaches, and taste some great wines and dishes with your friends.

Prikaži Korčula na većoj karti

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