The island of Vis – isolated oasis for real motorcycle explorers

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Hidden destinations for a motorcycle getaway: Warm up your tires and meet the Mediterranean as it once was

After Hvar, we’re riding our adventure a little more southeast to the farthest inhabited Croatian island called Vis. The channel of Hvar separates these two islands and Vis is the most outer lying larger Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, approximately 100 kilometers from Italian coast. The island is best known for local gastronomy, organic wines and some of the most beautiful hidden beaches in Croatia. But it sure has a lot more to offer for your Europe motorcycle tours- it’s a true motorcycle getaway!

What makes Vis really special is the fact that the island was inaccessible to all foreigners until 1989. That was due to military zone declaration from 1944. As a result of that isolation the island of Vis managed to preserve that authentic charm and style that was characteristic of the 1950s – or the Mediterranean as it once was. Nothing has really changed up until today so this island is a real gem for us motorcycle touring enthusiasts because it will give us a one of a kind adventure. Its remoteness and laid-back atmosphere keep the mass tourist clamour away, while making it a perfect destination for those who like to explore by themselves.

Beaches of the island of Vis

Where the Adriatic Sea is the clearest

Many believe that the sea water around the island of Vis is the cleanest that can be seen in the whole Adriatic. And really, while approaching the island with a ferry or speedboat from Split during summer months, you will be enchanted by the deep crystal blueness and the transparency of the sea. This hippy-chic summer hideaway, as some like to call it, is all about unspoiled beauty of nature or even wilderness if you prefer, with relaxed and informal tourist facilities such as charming local inns called ‘’konobas’’.

To the west of the island is the Komiža bay with the town of Komiža and to the north is the town of Vis where the island’s main harbor is. The island has three mountains: Hum has the highest altitude with 585 m, then Sveti Duh 563 m and finally Mali Hum with 514 m. Between these mountains are mostly karstic fields. Most of the spots you’ll want to visit are lying on the island’s coastline which you can reach via one of the roads which are not long but sure are a joy to ride your motorcycle on.

Vis- Stiniva beach

Breathtaking coves and beaches that will make even your bike want to have a swim

The most significant thing is island’s natural beauty. The south coast of the island of Vis was sculpted by the open sea waves, which carved some really magnificent coves, bays and beaches that we can enjoy today. Of all the coves on this island it might be that the Stiniva cove keeps the most magic. Now that’s really something you need to see with your own eyes. The entrance from the sea is not more than 5 meters wide, carved in between two cliffs the cove suddenly expands towards the charming little pebbly beach.

In the Komiža bay you’ll find many beautiful beaches such as Parja, Rogačić, Mala and Vela Svitnja, all of which are not far from town. Only 6 km from the town of Vis there is a bay called Stonćica. It’s one of the island’s most beautiful spots with stunning sandy beaches and a small restaurant that will spice up your Europe motorcycle tour the way you could never imagine. Some people call Stonćica the Vis’ Hawaii. Also, when on island make sure you don’t miss out the biggest sand beach on Vis called Zaglav. It’s located near the village of Milna about 10 km from the town of Vis. There are also many other beaches worth mentioning but we won’t uncover every bit of this island.

Vis is the oldest settlement on the island and Komiža is a picturesque Mediterranean fishing village. Local cuisine is really one of a kind, and it’s mostly based on fish food of course. But besides gastronomy, wine production is also one of those things that make people of Vis proud. On the sandy ground three indigenous sorts have been cultivated for centuries: Plavac mali, and Kurteloška Vugava or Bugava. Vugava is a dry, golden colored wine with a unique and rich honey flavor. It’s definitely our recommendation. The island of Vis is why Phenomenal Island Hopping really gets ‘phenomenal’; and were ‘Secrets of magical Croatia‘ really go ‘off the radar’. Why miss it?

Prikaži Vis na većoj karti

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