What to bring on a motorcycle tour with MotoTrip?


When it comes to preparing, what to bring on a motorcycle tour is a very common question. Golden rule for motorcycle packing is that you lay out everything you think you’ll need, and then leave one half at home. It’s been said many times and still works. If you choose a fully guided tour, you’ll need even less. Reason for that lies in the very positive aspects of a guided tour- you won’t be riding alone- a support vehicle with a back up motorcycle is available, so there are no reasons for packing spare tools; all the hotels have laundry services so you’ll be able to quickly wash your clothes etc. Still, many things are considered as essentials and can be forgotten, so here you’ll find some of the ‘musts’ to bring along.

On almost every guided motorcycle tour in Croatia, you’ll get to visit National Park Plitvice Lakes (check out our post HERE), walk around Dubrovnik city walls, or have a rest day you could spend on a beach. That said, for a 3-4 hours walk, you’ll definitely need some comfortable shoes; and if laying out on the beach- sunscreen is more then welcome. So, let’s get started!


Available luggage space on guided motorcycle tour?

If doing a guided tour with us, MotoTrip, before the start of the tour you will be able to choose your riding setup- initially, the bikes are equipped with 3 hard cases (2 side cases and 1 top case) and a tank bag- with total volume up to 141 liters- which means a lot of space. As we’ll have a support vehicle for all our luggage and souvenirs, there’s actually no need for all that luggage and you might choose to ride only with a top case – tank bag combination. Your bike will be easier to ride, and you’ll still have enough space for daily necessities. The choice is up to you.


1. The ‘Musthaves’- everything else, you can quickly buy along

•            Passport
•            Driving licence
•            International driving licence (for all riders living outside European Union)
•            ID card
•            Credit card(s)
•            Proof of insurance
•            Personal proscribed medicine
•            Eyeglasses/contact lenses

A suggestion is to copy all your documents and use the copies instead of the originals (unless someone really asks for the original). In case something happens (can be that rain soaked your driving licence), you’ll always have an original safely stored. Also, you can’t miss with scanning all your documents before the trip and uploading them to your e-mail account or website. They will be ready to download just in case. Those are also suggestions for traveling in general.


 2. Clothing

Depending on the length of your tour, you’ll need to pack different amount of daily clothes- but as mentioned, have in mind frequent laundry services so there’s no need to pack 11 T-shirts if you’re on 11 days guided tour- unless it’s important to look different on daily pictures! Also, depending on the tour dates, you’ll need to pack up warmer/lighter clothing- general practice in MotoTrip is that we contact you with the latest weather forecast few days before your departure, so you know about current weather on time.


•            T-shirts (short sleeve and long sleeve)
•            Pullover/sweatshirt for evening walks
•            Fleece/jumper in case of chilly mornings
•            Jeans
•            Blouses for evenings/rest days
•            Shorts
•            Underwear (boxer shorts, bras, panties..)
•            Socks
•            Sandals/flip-flops
•            Comfortable walking shoes
•            Swim suite and a beach towel
•            Sun hat/cap
•            Sunglasses
•            Belt


2.1 Riding gear

MotoTrip strongly encourages you to wear full riding gear. As carrying all the gear can be a pain in the ass, or you’re already in Europe and want to join the tour unexpectedly, MotoTrip can provide you full riding gear (except for boots for hygienic reasons). If needed any piece, let us know on time and we’ll make sure you have the right size and even colour if available. On the other hand, if you’re most comfortable wearing your own, here’s a list of the gear we recommend to take:


•            Full face/flip up helmet (required by law)
•            Jacket with protectors
•            Gloves (mesh or warm- both if possible)
•            Pants with protectors
•            Boots/riding shoes
•            Rain gear (1 or 2 piece suit, overboots, overgloves)


•            Balaclava
•            Kidney belt/back protector/neck brace


3. Electrical devices

•            Mobile phone + charger (can also leave it back home as you’re on vacation)
•            Camera + batteries + charger + memory cards
•            Power adaptor and a converter to EU socket


•            Action camera (GoPro) + batteries + charger + memory cards
•            Laptop + charger
•            Tablet + charger
•            Headphones
•            Communication systems + charger
•            SLR camera- choose the lenses carefully (that choice really requires a separate post!). Basically, 2-3 lenses tops, batteries, memory cards, chargers, cleaning cloth, sensor cleaner, set of filters etc… Feel free to contact us for that matter.


 4. General stuff

•            Pen & paper/ diary
•            Plastic ziploc bags
•            Moneybelt if carrying cash
•            Leave ‘out of the office’ messages on emails
•            Earplugs (if using them)
•            Cargo net
•            Insect repellent


5. Toiletries

•            Manicure set
•            Small bottles of shampoo – shower gel – conditioner
•            Small tube of tooth paste
•            Tooth brush
•            Dental floss
•            Comb/hairbrush
•            Shaving kit
•            Deodorant
•            Lip balm
•            Cotton swabs
•            Sunscreen
•            Plastic bags for dirty laundry




And…that does it; we hope the post helps with your packing. Have in mind that this is a list of things you’ll bring with you for your guided motorcycle tour; if simply renting a bike and riding on your own, you’ll need much more in terms of tools, emergency call lists, books/guides etc. We will also publish an article about it as we have a lot of experience riding on our own.

Update: the article is HERE!

Looking forward to great touring!

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