The best Croatian roads for a motorcycle rider

Adriatic-Coastal-Road, one of best Croatian roads for a motorcycle rider


Talking about the best Croatian roads for a motorcycle rider, there are some roads that you just need to plan when riding in Croatia. We described one before, and now we’ll state out a few more to help you with planning when visiting Croatia by motorcycle. Also, be sure to check out our video that was filmed to introduce Croatia and riding in the area:


So, let’s start!

(1/7) Croatian coastal road (described HERE)

THE road in Croatia, cannot be missed when making a list of Croatian best motorcycle roads. As an add-on, you can start riding from Senj, which is around 65km north from Karlobag; turning the road into 145km (90 mi) of pure enjoyment!


(2/7) Učka pass

When entering the peninsula of Istria, the best way to do it is by avoiding popular Ucka Tunnel, and riding above it. Great asphalt and mountainous twisty road will lead you up the mountain to the restaurant ‘Dopolavoro’. Just after, make a left turn and you’ll be on your way to the highest Istrian point, peak Vojak (1.400m/4.600ft) that offers a stunning view of Istrian meadows, peaks and villages.


Motorcycle Croatia riding


(3/7) ‘Plominka’ road

This is the road to take when when leaving the peninsula of Istria towards Rijeka or Island of Cres. The best part of the roads starts in a small city called Plomin, and ends up in Mošćenička Draga after only 20km (12mi). Even though it’s pretty short, we guarantee you’ll enjoy every single mile, and at the end, even think of doing it again. At the very beginning, there is a hotel called ‘Flanona’-offers a beautiful view towards Kvarner gulf and islands Cres and Lošinj, so you can plan a short coffee break there, or even an overnight stay.


(4/7) Ride through the Peljesac peninsula (described HERE)

When riding along the Croatian costal road D8 south towards Dubrovnik, or north from Dubrovnik to Split, take some time and visit the Pelješac peninsula. It can be easily reached by a ferry from north (Ploče-Trpanj) or by land following the signs to Ston and Pelješac in the south.


Island of Peljesac motorcycle road

(5/7) Villages on the Island of Hvar

You probably read about the Island of Hvar before (HERE), but this time we’ll mention a superb mix of small roads that you can easily connect while riding there. Starting from Stari Grad (the main port of the island), follow the signs towards Dol – Vrbanj – Svirče – Vrisnik. Really charming villages with friendly people and many family farms- so feel free to stop by, chat and try some home made products like (goat) cheese, prosciutto, olive oil etc. After Vrisnik, you’ll turn right towards a unique (one lane) tunnel called Pitve, that is almost 1 mile long! Respect the traffic lights there, wait for your turn and ride very slowly as it can be verry slippery inside. Even though, that’s a really cool experience- trust us! The tunnel ends up with a stunning Adriatic view from the other side of the island. Continue riding the coasal road all the way to Sveta Nedjelja, exploring all the small beaches on the way. Once you get there, you’ll need either to turn back and ride towards Stari Grad again, or take a light gravel road towards Milna.


(6/7) Ride through the Island of Pag

Island of Pag is one of Croatia’s most diverse islands. It is well known among motorcycle riders- not only for its superb asphalt roads, but also for the scenery that changes dramatically within just a few miles. So, after a stop in mediaeval city of Pag, you can ‘experience the Moon‘ in 20-25 minutes of great riding. It is Pag’s east (inland) side- due to physical factors of karst relief and strong ‘bura’ winds, it lacks of any vegetation whatsoever. Only pure, white rocks. We’re certain you’ll be fascinated and most likely inspired for taking cool photos!


(7/7) Road to Lubenice (Island of Cres)

We mentioned Lubenice in our post about Island of Cres BEFORE. It is a beautiful village with one of the nicest beaches in Croatia just under it. But for us, motorcycle riders, it is also important to know that the narrow road taking you all the way up to the village, is a great mix of technical riding, slow curves, few hairpins and tons of fun! Be careful though- at some points it’s really narrow so think about eventual bikes/cars from the opposite direction too. Once you get there, check out the beach we mentioned- and if you don’t have binoculars, there’s a good one installed just 5 minutes away from the parking lot, on the other side of the town!


Croatia motorcycle roads



Those were definitely some of the best Croatian roads for a motorcycle rider. If choosing a guided motorcycle tour with MotoTrip, we’re sure you’ll be riding at least several of them. If choosing to simply rent a motorcycle and ride around, be sure to put them on your list and don’t forget to get back with how it was!

Have your own favourite? Let us know and we’ll consider adding it to our list! Have fun and ride safely!


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