Guided motorcycle tour in Greece

Motorcycle tour of Greece- mountains, Peloponnese and islands

15 days / 13 riding days

Guided motorcycle tour in Greece

In 15 days we will cover some of the most famous historical UNESCO sites, discover true unspoiled villages, swim at some of the best beaches and most important- ride amazing roads and enjoy spectacular views. It’s a motorcycle tour of full contrast and great diversity!

Greece is well known for its islands. Believe it or not-  there are about 6,000 islands and islets in total in Greek land. It is also well known for historical sites such as Acropolis of Athens, Delphi, Epidaurus, Meteora etc.

Us being riders, that sometimes just isn’t enough. But, there’s a catch: 80% of mainland Greece is mountainous! That means that along history, culture and beautiful seaside, there are endless sweepers, river canyons, mountain passes, lakes and more.

This guided motorcycle tour in Greece will take us through the mountains of Delphi and ski resort Karpennissi, to UNESCO site of Meteora. Through unspoiled and less travelled Zagorohoria in the north of Greece, to a superb rest day on the island of Lefkada. From the highest paved road in Greece, to the submerged city of Pavlopetri in Peloponnese. The diversity is huge, food is outstanding and riding is superb. The mix makes it an amazing motorcycle tour for both riders and passengers- it’s Amazing Greece! Join us!

Along the tour, we will have a chance to visit many archeological sites. As some are quite challenging to walk through, you will be able to decide which ones you want to visit and how much time you want to spend walking around. That said, entry to the sights will be optional; some may visit; some may stay in a local bar enjoying a cup of coffee / cold beer / etc.

The tour starts and finishes in Athens, Greece (airport: ATH). We recommend arriving few days earlier to enjoy Athens and possibly some of the easy reachable islands. Santorini and Mykonos would be the most famous ones; though we will rather suggest a few of less-travelled and not so touristy ones. Just let us know.

For more details about this amazing motorcycle tour of Greece, please scroll down and you will find a detailed day-by-day breakdown. Be sure to check out our tour video too.

For any additional questions and reservations/bookings, do not hesitate to contact us!

Tour prices

PRICES IN EUR for 2024 season
Motorcycle model Rider Passenger Single room (add-on)
BMW F 750 GS 7790    5190 990
  BMW F 850 GS        8190    5190 990
BMW R 1250 GS  8490    5190 990
BMW R 1250 RT 8790   5190 990

Pricing is based on two people sharing a room.
Double room/sharing: two riders share one twin (2-bed) room OR a couple uses one (queen-size bed) room.
Single room supplement: rider is one person in a room / not sharing.

'Self-guided' package also possible. Contact us for details if interested.

Tour inquiry

Day by day

Arrival day

1. Arrival day

Upon your arrival, airport transfers will be organized and you’ll be notified on all the details in advance. Depending on your arrival time, you may do some sightseeing in the morning, or simply check in our hotel and rest. The only schedule will be to meet at our hotel’s reception at 5:30PM for the ‘Welcome briefing’. This is where you’ll meet the guides and all the riders, where we’ll go through the itinerary, riding and safety rules etc. We’ll move on to dinner and enjoy some traditional food- getting to know everyone a bit more. The adventure starts!

Athens – Delphi

2. Athens – Delphi

After delicious breakfast at our hotel, we will start the tour riding towards Livadeia and springs of Krya, for our introduction to Greek coffee and general Greek habits. Our destination is the first UNESCO site on the tour- archeological site of Delphi. Our hotel is located close to the site, so we’ll enjoy exploring Delphi in walking gear; after unpacking at our hotel.

Delphi – Karpenissi

3. Delphi – Karpenissi

Today we will enjoy in beautiful mountain roads on our way to Karpenissi, one of Greece’s most famous ski resorts. It’s very busy in wintertime, but very relaxed at summer/fall, so expect low traffic and amazing riding.

Karpenissi – Meteora

4. Karpenissi – Meteora

Again, mountains most of our day. Twisty roads, lakes and beautiful scenery will surround us the whole day. We finish in Kastraki, which is just at the foothill of Meteora monasteries-  another UNESCO site on the tour. We may have an option to ride to the monasteries and enjoy a nice sunset there. Afterwards we continue the evening in a nice traditional restaurant. Greek music, welcoming hosts and great food.

Meteora - Zagoria

5. Meteora - Zagoria

As we have a short ride planned for today, we will start around noon and use the morning to visit the monasteries of Meteora (they close at 4PM so we won’t have the chance to enter them the previous day). We stop for lunch in Metsovo, which is a very atmospheric town in the mountains, probably having quick snack like a traditional Gyros. We finish in Aristi, a small town in Zagoria region / Pindus National Park.

Zagoria rest day

6. Zagoria rest day

Many options for our rest day. Our recommendation is a short ride (3 hours) around Zagoria region, visiting villages like Papigo, Mikro Papigo, viewpoint of Vikos gorge (one of the deepest in the world), and a few historical bridges. Lunch stop along the way. There is also an option for a rafting in Voidomatis river; or simply an option of staying in our hotel to rest. Use the day in the best way possible.

Zagoria - Lefkada

7. Zagoria - Lefkada

One of the longest, but nicest days in the mountains. Plan is to ‘hit’ the highest paved mountain road in Greece, known for almost non-existent traffic, superb scenery, beautiful twisties on the way and one very well hidden monastery (we’ll have to do our best to find it). We end the day in Lefkada, an island known for some of the best beaches in Greece.

Lefkada rest day

8. Lefkada rest day

Our suggestion will be a short ride to one of the best known beaches in Greece: Porto Katsiki. We can also organize a boat ride to neighboring beaches. It’s definitely a beach day- but very much worth while.

Lefkada - Kalavrita

9. Lefkada - Kalavrita

Today we will enter Peloponnese- peninsula at the southern part of Greece, separated by Corinth cannel from the mainland. We stay in Kalavrita- famous ski resort in the north.

Kalavrita - Sparta

10. Kalavrita - Sparta

From Kalavrita, we ride south towards some of the best riding in Peloponnese around Taygetos mountains. Our goal is reaching Sparta and famous archaeological site of Mystras- that we will have a chance to visit on the following day.

Sparta – Oitylo

11. Sparta – Oitylo

Mystras, or the 'wonder of the Morea', stands as one of the ‘newer’ archeological sites we visit. It was built as an amphitheatre in 1249, reconquered by the Byzantines, then occupied by the Turks and the Venetians before the end when it was abandoned in 1832. Riding wise, it will be a relaxing day enjoying beautiful costal views along Mani peninsula.

Oitylo – Monemvasia

12. Oitylo – Monemvasia

In the morning, we will have an option to visit famous ‘Diros Caves’- one of rare caves where you don’t have to walk, but sit in a small boat to enjoy the stalactites and stalagmites. Afterwards, we ride towards Monemvasia- a superb small town entirely carved at the back side of a sea rock- in the Medieval times. City is well worth the visit- either in the afternoon, or the following, rest day.

Monemvasia rest day

13. Monemvasia rest day

Last rest day of the tour, at a beautiful site. Feel free to relax, visit a few beaches, relax more… Our suggestion will of course be riding- a short ride to Simos beach on Elafonisis island (by many, claimed to be the best in Greece). We can’t guarantee any goddesses there, but a nice swim we can for sure. Along, we will pass close to Pavlopetri- about 5000 years old sunken city; found in 1967 under less than 15 feet of water/sea.

Monemvasia – Athens

14. Monemvasia – Athens

On the way back to Athens, we ride the most famous routes that Athenian riders normally ride on weekends as their routine. We will also stop at Corinth Canal for a quick photo, and at Epidavros theatre (UNESCO site). After we reach Athens, we have our ‘Farewell dinner’ organized, where we’ll be looking forward to hear all your thoughts about this ride; and maybe even book the next tour!

Departure day

15. Departure day

Last breakfast on the tour before heading home. Make sure you ask for some Moussaka and Gyros. Transfers to the airport will be arranged for for everyone. We wish you pleasant flights back home and of course- see you again!

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