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Best European motorcycle tours

When ‘riding’ this blog, you’ll find a lot of information about the Adriatics, Balkans, Alps, best road and lately even off-road motorcycle touring possibilities in Europe. Our previous posts about Croatia (one and two), Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro will show you beauties and highlights of each country on your computer screen, but to feel them properly- our ‘No Borders‘ tour will put you right on the road. You’ll soon realize why’s that one of the best European motorcycle tours!

Experiences like the sound of waterfalls in the National Park Plitvice Lakes,  scent of ‘Cevapi’ meal while walking through Baščaršija in Sarajevo, freezing cold Neretva river under the ‘Old Bridge’ in Mostar, a smile from ear to ear while riding through wild Durmitor mountain in Montenegro and goose-bumps when riding down through narrow hairpins above the Kotor Bay, cannot and even shouldn’t tried to be described in words. Those things you got to feel.


No Borders tour- definitely one of the best European motorcycle tours

As our best-seller of the region, this 15 days motorcycle tour through Balkans: Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro will deliver fun, nature thrills and fascinating history while riding the mix of still (luckily for us) under-explored countries.

Plitvice Lakes national park

Jajce waterfall

Tara river canyon

No Borders? 

You probably ask yourself- why is it called ‘No Borders‘?  Well, just for the reasons mentioned in prologue- in this small area, there are literally no borders in rich experience it offers.  From history and culture, beautiful nature consisting of National parks, lakes, mountain passes, deep river canyons etc. to amazing food and phenomenal twisty roads. Someone will fell in love in the Lakes, someone won’t be able to resist the charm of Sarajevo streets while someone will want to stay forever on the Adriatic coastal road. What we’re saying is, there are No Borders of enjoyment.



Riding from Zagreb to Sarajevo

Best European motorcycle tours

For our first riding day, we choose a short ride towards the National Park Plitvice Lakes- but long enough so we get the feeling of new roads, traffic rules and of course, BMW motorcycles. There’s plenty to see in the National Park so we’ll spend the afternoon there and next morning, rise early heading towards Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Vrbas canyon and city of Jajce are the biggest highlights of the ride, so we’ll stop for an appropriate break to soak up some Bosnian atmosphere. Coffee is the way to go. Slightly different than Turkish, traditional Bosnian coffee is a specialty for itself.

Bosnian coffee


From Sarajevo to Montenegro

After a well deserved rest day in Sarajevo, we’ll continue exploring BiH (Bosnia i Hercegovina) through the city of Mostar, known for its (new) Old Bridge over the emerald-green Neretva river. Although city of Mostar suffered the most back in the ex-Yugoslavian war, its old part still represents a good reminder of Turkish legacy and is an interesting stop along the way. There will be many options for detours and excursions in the area, but we’ll keep them as secrets and hope not to meet too many tourists on the ‘hidden spots’. That’s a good reason to travel with locals!

European backroads

City of Mostar


Montenegro and Durmitor mountain

Pictures will say more than a thousand words here. That’s the highlight of the day but first, we’ll need to find the border between BiH and Montenegro. May the force be with us :)

Best European motorcycle tours

Montenegro canyons

Durmitor mountain

Durmitor mountain


Where Balkans meet the Adriatics: adventure!

Boka bay in Montenegro. There’s more, but should we even say more? Let’s just cross our fingers and hope for a sunny day- everything else is already here.

Kotor bat, montenegro Best European motorcycle tours

Kotor bay, Montenegro


Adriatic coast just keeps on making that motorcycle tour!

Adriatic coastal road

Best European motorcycle tours



Well, hope we got you with those pictures. There’s so much more that we could write about and show in pictures, but we’ll stop with a promise this is just the beginning!

Oh yes, did you happen to realise that the more you scrolled down, the less writing there was? By this time you’ll see that what the Balkans and ‘No Borders’ tour offer, needs no words any more. The tour pictures and the priceless experience just speak for itself.

If you’re looking for a new motorcycle adventure, google-ing different locations for best European motorcycle tours, feel free to contact us about joining in- you just found it!

Check out the full tour gallery here:

Let us know what you think about the Balkans by commenting below- we’re happy to hear your feedback! Ride safe.

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